Accelerating value creation for all our customers.

Antariksh is an integrated realty venture, with a strong foothold across suburban Mumbai, India. We design and execute luxury projects across Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Commercial-cum-Residential segments. The Company is known for its seamless execution of eminent projects, with:

Excellent Materials, Responsible Processes and Superior Finish: We believe that our products are a reflection of our commitment to sourcing the highest quality materials and integrating responsible technology at every step of our journey.

Customer Centricity: At Antariksh, our customers are at the heart of every endeavour. We believe value creation, sustainable development and a passionate workforce are core to our operations. Further, we are committed to timely delivery, supported by our highly-experienced business allies. We understand the requirements of each project to integrate exemplar design and operation with the greatest attention to detail. From understanding each customer’s requirements to providing them with insightful solutions, we continue to assure customer satisfaction, translating promise into action.

Futuristic Designs: Whether it's the architectural design of the buildings we construct or the interiors, we pioneer sustainable and innovative spaces. We nurture our customer’s requirements, delivering excellence with future-ready technologies.

Sustainability at Antariksh: Our construction and business operations are designed to reduce our dependency on natural resources as well as augment day light and natural ventilation, among others. As we continue to generate shared value, we also aim to integrate green technology and reduce our carbon footprint.

Shaping a smarter and sustainable tomorrow, our operations are guided by an established blueprint, curated by experts across the Core Management Team. From land acquisition, legal & strategic planning, administration, responsible material sourcing to accounting and site management, every department works in sync to deliver nothing but the best.

Words that have not only been etched into our minds, but have also become a part of who we are!


We aim to build exemplary, affordable and sustainable spaces for all our customers, imbibing innovative construction capabilities at every step of our journey.


Harnessing the value of our intellectual capital and the integration of world-leading construction technologies, we bring state-of-the-art residential and commercial spaces to all our stakeholders by:

  1. Maintaining enhanced levels of transparency with our stakeholders
  2. Augmenting our customer-centric culture across the organization
  3. Consistently improving our intellectual capital, supported by a purpose-driven workforce
  4. Delivering long-term customer value
  5. Conserving resources and building a sustainable future
  • Inspiring an ecosystem that thrives on trust, commitment and responsibility.

  • A deep understanding of contemporary needs, the pledge to offer best-in-class spaces and an ambition for inimitable icons, made us what we are today! Every landmark is built using cutting edge construction techniques that ensure our structures are elegant, modern and rock-solid. Driven by customer centricity, we effectively harness our capitals to translate each customer’s dream into reality.

  • Mr. Mahesh Doshii

    Managing Director, Antariksh

  • Mr. Abbishek Doshii

    Director, Antariksh

  • Mr. Shivaans Doshii

    Director, Antariksh

Mahesh Doshii

Managing Director, Antariksh

Over the past 28 years, Mr Mahesh Doshii nurtured many successful ventures, and he is now playing a pivotal role in the group’s growth. He is very passionate about his work, and that reflects in his landmark endeavours. With the finest quality, sound financial planning, he has successfully won the hearts of many customers. His commitment to excellence has resulted in Antariksh’s trustworthy legacy and top-notch quality.

Mr. Abbishek Doshii

Director, Antariksh

Mr. Abbishek Doshii has a rich and distinct experience of over 15 years and has played a pivotal role in Antariksh Group since its inception. He has a keen eye for aesthetic architecture, efficient engineering, and specialised designs. Being a people’s person and specialist in government liasioning, he has been a driving force behind the group’s continued rise. Being a highly motivated leader, he believes in bringing everyone together and creating nothing but magnificence.

Mr. Shivaans Doshii

Director, Antariksh

Mr. Shivaans Doshii leads the technological front of the organisation. Being a second-generation entrepreneur, he is very confident about new-age ideas like sustainability and environment consciousness. Even though he holds a degree in finance, he always keeps his mind open for the finer technologies to be integrated into the business. With over six years of experience, Mr Shivaans Doshii is a firm believer in customer-centric planning, life-changing ideas, ethical practices, and timely delivery.