Vision, Mission & Values


To provide our customers with the best crafted spaces, and to never cease to absorb new, improved construction capabilities, apply them to new markets, bringing current-day world-class living, work and retail space standards to more and more people.


To study best practices of top construction companies worldwide; To keep up-to-date with improvements in construction technology, impart continued learning and training to staff, constantly explore new geographical markets, in order to expand our horizons and achieve our vision of bringing best crafted spaces, whether ultra-luxury or affordably luxury to as many people as possible.


In our continuous quest to fulfill our purpose, we stand steadfast by the following values:

Relationships Mean Everything: Our accomplishments would be meaningless if we didn't have the best of relationships with our clients, associates, vendors and staff. We work closely with our associates in an environment of mutual respect. We are completely accessible to our clients, long after we have made a sale. Most become friends!

Transparency in Dealings: We are completely honest and transparent in all our dealings with clients, stakeholder and everyone else. We only hire and work with people we feel are straightforward and like-minded.

Always Strive for Timely Delivery: Through all the bureaucracy that is part and parcel of our business, we have a track-record for timely delivery of projects.

Never Compromise on Quality: We believe that above all else, it is our commitment to high-quality construction and finish that has made Antariksh a trusted name for property development in Mumbai. That we do not compromise on quality anywhere, is apparent in our finished products.

A Continuous Chase of Knowledge: Advances in technologies and methods take place at a quick pace. We encourage our staff to not only keep abreast with advances, but to incorporate them into our company, as well.